Fruit Flies

Fruit Flies
Last NameDiptera
Length 230 x 150 x 80 mm 230 x 150 x
Digestive tract---

How to get rid of this?.To get rid of pest problem under control, inspection is the first and foremost step.

Fruit flies are a continual challenge for the food and beverage industry however with the right information and practices you can help control these pests.

  1. Preventative Produce Handling Practices
    Many times fruit flies are brought into your facility with produce deliveries. It is important to put the produce inside a cooler immediately for two days. The fruit and vegetables should then thoroughly be washed.
  2. Proper Detailed Cleaning Practices
    Insufficient detailed cleaning is often the reason for persistent fruit fly problems. Scrubbing equipment, soda machines, soda gun holders, bar surface areas and floors with hot soap and water daily. It is also important to properly dry these areas when sanitation is completed. Neoguard recommends drying floors with shop vacuums.
  3. Floor Drain Sanitation
    Drains accumulate food debris and over time that collected food starts to ferment creating a perfect environment for fruit flies to lay eggs which will hatch producing thousands of flies. Proper sanitation of drains is needed in order to eliminate fruit flies. Remove drain covers and sanitize the inside of the drains with hot water and soap using a scrub brush also sanitize the drain cover top and bottom. This should be done weekly or as needed.
  4. Help Prevent Other Breeding Areas
    Keep all liquor bottles fruit juices sealed at all times.
    Remove all trash at night and sanitize garbage cans daily.
    All soiled linens, towels and uniforms should be kept in sealed containers.
    Rinse mop heads thoroughly and hang them to dry daily.
    Seal any cracked or broken tiles on walls or floors.
    Fix holes in walls where food debris and water are allowed to collect.
    If spraying kitchen floors, do not spray food debris out back door.

PEST CONTROLThe house fly has a gray thorax with 4 dark, longitudinal stripes.There are so many devices to kill the flies.

Flyswatter usually consists of a small rectangular or round sheet (some 4 inches (10 cm) across) of lightweight, flexible, vented material (usually thin metallic, rubber, or plastic mesh), attached to a lightweight wire or plastic handle about 1 foot (0.30 m) to 2 feet (0.61 m) long.Fly gun a derivative of the flyswatter, uses a spring-loaded plastic projectile to mechanically “swat” flies.Fly bottle,Disposable fly traps,
Flypaper (also known as fly paper, fly sticker, fly strip, fly ribbon, or fly tape) attracts flies to sticky adhesive so that they can be trapped.Electric flyswatter are hand-held devices that resemble badminton rackets or tennis rackets, which became popular worldwide in the late 1990s.[citation needed] US Patent 5,519,963 was awarded to Taiwanese inventor Tsao-i Shih in 1996 for such a device.

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