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Zika Virus: The Latest Updates

Zika Update: St. Thomas

In St. Thomas, Zika outbreak is following the same trend as it did with the chikungunya. The trend peaked and then stayed at the highest level for around six weeks, which is the case right now with Zika. If the trend continues to follow chikungunya outbreak, then there should be a drastic downward trend in a few weeks now.

According to recent stats from the Department of Health, 65 new cases of this outbreak have been identified. Before this report, 589 cases were reported in total. Out of these, 417 patients were confirmed positive for Zika.

The government is helping people by offering free testing at clinical labs and Health offices. The department of health is also using an emergency operations center to speed up the free testing. Patients who have been waiting for their results for more than three weeks can directly reach out the department by calling at the free helpline.

Zika Update: Florida

Florida is another state that has been fighting hard against Zika with over 1,000 cases tested positive.

But that doesn’t mean that the number of homegrown cases in Florida isn’t alarming. In fact, the number of reported cases has reached 150 now.


Zika Update: Miami

Miami has been fighting Zika since July when the first case was reported. Since then, dozens of areas in Miami have reported a large number of Zika cases.

Although the government in Miami is helping through door-to-door testing and insecticides to kill the mosquito population responsible for the outbreak of Zika, the City Commissioner has proposed a new way to fight the virus. This new proposal suggests building bat houses in the areas reporting Zika cases. Bats eat mosquitos – over 3,000 of them in a day.

The City Commissioner has forwarded the proposal asking to make a pilot project to implement this plan. Expect to see many bat houses in Miami in the coming weeks.

Symptoms of Zika

One of the most common symptoms of Zika virus is


join pain. Often, the pain is coupled with rash, which looks like a bump or a red patch in most cases.

As reported by a majority of people tested positive for Zika, the rash takes only a couple of days to spread to the entire body. It usually starts on the face or the neck of the patient.

As the Zika infection progresses, people may feel severe pain in hands and feet.

How to avoid Zika

The best way to avoid Zika is by staying away from mosquitos. Use mosquito repellents and cover your body entirely, leaving no bare skin.

If you can avoid a mosquito bite, you can possibly stay away from this viral infection.

If you see mosquitos around your home or business location often, contact Neoguard and let our experts inspect the area for free. You may be saving yourself, your family and your patron’s serious health issues!




Get Rid Of Bed Bugs, Professionally

How to get rid of bed bugs

Many cases of bed bug bites have been reported in various states in the US. Recently, a woman reported biting while she was traveling to a hospital on an ambulance for her medical checkup. Similarly, there have been other cases of common as well as tropical bed bugs in various cities. These cities, of course, include Orlando Florida and the surrounding areas.

With the number of bed bugs increasing with the increase in population, everyone is worried how to get rid of them on their own. Beware, bed bugs are among the most difficult pests to get rid of!

But there is hope and that’s what are bringing you today. This guide will explain all the possible methods and precautions that could help you get rid of these pests.


Taking control of bed bug infestations

If you are thinking of complete control on bed bug manifestation, be prepared. These bugs won’t go away easily.

You need to approach this problem systematically. That means you will devise a plan and then follow the steps carefully.


Find bed bugs

The first step to get rid of bed bugs is to finding them. You will need to identify the problem by inspecting the infested area.

If you are living in a rented apartment and you have found bed bugs, be sure to talk to your landlord. They may be legally responsible for helping you during the treatment.


Choose a treatment for pests

After identifying the infected areas, choose the appropriate treatment. It’s better to talk to your local NeoGuard agent who specializes in pest control.

After you find an appropriate treatment for bugs, be sure to lay out a strategy so that you can monitor and inspect to determine the outcome of the chosen treatment.


Start killing the pests

Before you worry about killing the pests, be sure to prepare for it. Here are the things to do to avoid manifestation from spreading further.

When removing furniture and other items from the affected areas, be sure to put them in sealed plastic bags for treatment.

When you have laid out a plan for killing bugs, start executing it. Make sure that you are using legal and safe methods of pest control. Try to avoid methods that make use of dangerous chemicals to remove bugs.

If you have chosen heat treatment to kill bugs, be sure to call in for professional help. This method isn’t safe for untrained individuals to conduct. You can contact us for help as well.

Although the use of pesticides for pest control at home isn’t recommended, you may have to use it if the manifestation is already out of control. In such cases, be sure to take help from professionals. Be sure you only allow the use of EPA-approved pesticides at your home.

When looking at different treatments for bed bugs, you might feel that the easiest way to get rid of these pests is to use a bug bomb (foggers). They are great to level the entire manifestation but the use of foggers can cause various health issues.

If you are in the Orlando Florida area and don’t want to bother with the research and risk on your own, contact us at the link below for a free consultation.

BATS, Mosquitos & The Zika Outbreak

Unleashing bats could stop Zika outbreak

A few months ago, no one could even think that bats could be the answer to Zika virus. But since bats eat mosquitoes that carry Zika virus, bats have become the new heroes. Being from Orlando Florida, this is certainly not what we would have expected. Read on.


What is the Zika virus?

Zika is a deadly virus. Although there are no cases of death due to this disease and a majority of people affected with Zika don’t even go to a hospital. However, when a mosquito carrying Zika virus bites a pregnant woman for example, the outcomes could be devastating.

Zika virus can cause serious defects in unborn babies. It can even cause brain defects.

Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment for Zika. Many people infected with this virus have reported mild or no symptoms. The easiest way to diagnose this disease is urine/blood test.


How bats can help fight Zika

For centuries, bats have been largely feared by us. We held them responsible for rabies. Many blamed bats for transmitting the deadly Ebola virus in the past, when the evidence clearly suggested otherwise.

As there have been numerous reported cases of Zika in the U.S in past six months, many residents are asking for bat houses. Fortunately, many states are already making plans to build bat houses to reduce the population of Zika-carrier mosquitoes, Miami being the latest to join this trend. Will Orlando be next?

One of the first few cities to put bat houses in all major parks is Rockledge. However, the city has taken a step further to put bat boxes at schools to help kids and mothers stay away from Zika mosquito bite.

Mind you, one bat can kill more than 4,000 of these mosquitoes in a night. A bat can live for up to 20 years and a bat box can easily house 10-12 bats.

With a few hundred bats protecting each city, Zika could find it difficult to infect humans.

Despite this natural solution to stop the outbreak of Zika, many are laughing off the idea of bat houses. This mindset is mainly due to how we have blamed bats for all deadly viruses in the past.

On the contrary however, some scientists believe that Zika-carrying mosquitoes bite during the day and bats are predators of the night so the two rarely encounter, making bats useless against Zika.


Are bats responsible for rabies, histoplasmosis, and Ebola?

With bats houses becoming a reality in the U.S, many people have started asking whether bats were actually responsible for the outbreak of rabies and histoplasmosis, or they were used as a scapegoat.

As far as rabies is concerned, some species of bats can carry and transmit this disease. However, their number is usually ignorable compared to the number of other carriers, raccoons in particular.

On the other hand, bats could be responsible for the outbreak of histoplasmosis but not more than birds. Both bats and birds have fungus Histoplasma capsulatum, which is responsible for causing this deadly disease. So technically, bats pose a relatively smaller risk of histoplasmosis outbreak compared to backyard chickens.

Some people have blamed bats for Ebola outbreak. There is no truth in it as bats can’t catch Ebola due to their ever-evolving immune system.

Although bats could potentially become a major weapon to fight Zika, we may have to do more to stop Zika outbreak. Simple steps such as draining the standing water and using mosquito repellants could help stop the Zika. We will be curious to see how this plays out in Orlando Fl, and how it will affect you and I.


Bed Bugs In Florida, Tropical Or Not?

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs hide in human beds and take bits on the skin to suck blood whenever they can come in contact with their host. A bug bite can cause skin allergies and sometimes the allergic reaction could be severe in nature.

Apart from the allergic reaction, bed bugs can also cause psychological problems for their hosts.
These bugs were gone for many decades before they started reappearing during the late 1990s. The resurrection has been favorable for one species of these bugs in particular – the common bed bug – which has already spread throughout the U.S. Orlando Fl. residents are no different, and many cases are being reported weekly.


Tropical bed bugs spotted in Florida after 60 years of absence

Recently, entomologists have documented a rare type of bed bug in Florida. This species, known as the tropical bed bug, was last seen in the state nearly 60 years ago. This tropical bug looks similar to common bed bug except for the U-shaped pronotum. A tropical bug has a rather straight pronotum and has no wing-like extensions on either side of the body.

The first of these tropical bugs were reported in 2015. After the first documentation of resurrection of this species, entomologists decided to collect specimens from homeowners. Surprisingly, a majority of homeowners showed up with tropical bed bugs.

Tropical bed bugs could either have moved away from Florida during the last 60 years or they could have survived unnoticed. Since they were few in number, it is possible that homeowners and entomologists have been confusing them with the common bed bug for years.

When do bed bugs bite?
If you are living in Central Florida or another tropical climate, you might already have faced the menace of bed bug bite. These bloodsuckers come out at night to bite you while you are sleeping.
A typical bed bug may suck your blood for up to ten minutes after taking the bite.
Although you won’t feel bed bug bites at first, these bites will slowly start becoming more noticeable. The bite might look similar to flea bites except that bedbug bites don’t leave a red spot behind. They are usually unnoticeable unless you take a closer look at the area of the skin that was exposed.

How could you tell you have a bedbug infestation?
There are different signs that could provide evidence for an infestation of bed bugs but the best way to be sure is to find a bug in your bed.
Here are some common signs of bed bugs.
1- If you wake up with itchy skin regions that were exposed while sleeping, it might be time to check for bed bugs.
2- Those living in tropical regions should do an inspection for an infestation of bed bugs when buying used beds and other furniture. This includes Orlando Florida and surrounding areas.
3- If you spot blood stains on your pillows or sheets, it’s time to look for bed bugs.
4- If you see rusty spots everywhere in your home, it could be due to bed bug excrement.
If you spot an infestation of bed bugs, remove all the bedding and wash everything in warm water. After washing, be sure to dry the bedding for 30 minutes to kill the eggs. Vacuum your bed and the surrounding areas regularly and remove the clutter from your bedroom.
Will that eliminate the issue?

Not likely. If you continue to have an issue, contact a professional like Neoguard for a free consultation and inspection.